• Mediterranean Surprise (August 2016)

    41 photos from Israel and Greece. #40 will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!

    1. The Route

    JFK to Israel with a quick stop in Azerbaijan. Athens for a night, then a week in Karpathos.

    2. Tsfat

    First stop in Israel, the mystical mountain city of Tsfat offered art galleries, elaborate candles, great views, and of course, Weapons and Puppies.

    3. Tsfat

    Did I mention great views?

    4. Tiberius

    Night 1 swim in the freshwater Kineret (Sea of Galilee).

    5. Golan Heights

    Morning hike at the Nimrod Fortress in northern Israel, overlooking Lebanon and Syria in the distance.

    6. Golan Heights

    Nearby Banias Nature Reserve hike led to this waterfall oasis.

    7. West Bank

    By parental request, the army captain who "rode shotgun" as we drove to AY's settlement.

    8. West Bank

    Sunrise over Amman, Jordan from Eish Kodesh. (Fry hair in full force)

    9. Jerusalem

    Meredith continues to dress modestly in 100+ degree heat at the Western Wall.

    10. Jerusalem

    Eyeing the next shoe store on Ben Yehuda Street.

    11. Jerusalem

    Yad Vashem. One candle reflected in memory of the 1.5 million kids killed in the Holocaust.

    12. Jerusalem

    The symbol of Israel in Gan Saccar outside Knesset.

    13. Ein Gedi

    The King David Waterfall at the end of the Dead Sea-adjacent hike in 107-degree heat.

    14. Tel Aviv

    Sunset over the Mediterranean right before my heatstroke kicked in.

    15. Kfar Sava

    While I slept off the fever, Meredith and Topaz enjoyed some birthday cake and pasta.

    16. Athens

    The Acropolis - come for the ruins, leave for the crowds...

    17. Athens

    ...but sneak in some PDA first.

    18. Athens

    Strolling through the alleys of Athens.

    19. Athens

    Taking a break in front of some street art.

    20. Athens

    They upgraded us to a suite...

    21. Athens

    ...so we could watch the Olympics (in Athens) in style.

    22. Athens

    Super dinner with new friends.

    23. Athens

    And a view of the Acropolis at night from the hotel roof.

    24. Athens

    Quick stop at the first (Olympic stadium (1896) before flight to Karpathos.

    25. Karpathos

    Beginning of a week of beaches, gyros, hiking and romance.

    26. Karpathos

    First of many beaches - and a very special one...

    27. Karpathos

    ...since a big decision was made here.

    28. Karpathos

    Coffee and sunsets.

    29. Karpathos

    Hiding in the shade.

    30. Karpathos

    End of a strenuous hike with Nikitas, Toula and Frank. I'm sweaty.

    31. Karpathos

    Overlooking that first beach down below. Still sweaty.

    32. Karpathos

    Celebrating life from the top of the island.

    33. Karpathos

    $5 snorkels went a long way.

    34. Karpathos


    35. Karpathos

    Congrats Nick and Toula!

    36. Karpathos

    Saving the best, bluest beach for last.

    37. Athens-JFK

    Flight started promisingly with this epic rainbow...

    38. Athens-JFK

    ...but ended after a tormenting 4 hours on the tarmac thanks to gunfire at JFK (I mean clapping... yea, they shut down the airport because clapping sounds like gunfire).

    39. Montclair

    But all was forgotten when we returned home at 4 a.m. to this...

    40. Montclair


    41. Montclair

    Too excited to sleep. Got some Pilgrim breakfast and caught the sunrise over NYC, capping the best trip ever.


    If you haven't watched it a dozen times yet, here's my song about traveling. It's 4:46 of good times, great vibes and features lots of trips with my fiancée! (woah)

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