• Music Videos

    Express your band's unique style, elaborate on the message of the song, and take your music to the next level of YouTube success with a one-of-a-kind music video. From simple photo-and-lyric-driven videos to complex multi-shoot videos, we'll work within your budget and creative process to create the best visual representation of your song.

  • Full-Featured Project

    Multi-location/actor, full-featured video

      • Extensive pre-project conceptual planning
      • Song structure analysis
      • Actor selection and preparation
      • 3 days of multi-location shooting
      • Beat-by-beat editing

      Photo/Lyric Montage Project

      Simple approach to music videos
        • Photos or pre-shot video editing
        • Lyrics follow the music
        • Extremely budget friendly
      • Songwriting Development

        Are you a songwriter struggling to develop your riff or chord progression into a fully orchestrated song? Or a vocalist looking to add music to support your lyrics? I offer multi-track, multi-instrument, multi-musician songwriting development and audio production to help you realize your passion project.

        How I develop your song

        • We'll start with your ideas... even if all you have so far is a phone recording or just a few lyrics scribbled on a napkin.
        • Then we'll discuss song structure, instrumentation, tempo, lyric development, etc. to maximize the song's potential.
        • Bring your instruments or choose from our arsenal of guitars, bass, ukulele, banjo, mandolin, drums, percussion, piano, organs, synths, microphones, effects and even a didgeridoo.
        • Project includes mixing and editing in Pro Tools and a final bounce in AIFF, WAV and MP3 formats.
        • Mastering not included.
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